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THE D.E.A.L. Project, Inc. Distributing and Empowering Georgia Citizens’ Access to Legal and Educational Justice Calloway CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM SUMMIT THEME: “Promoting Responsible Justice” & PRIVATE RECEPTION Honoring Nathan Deal, Esq. State of Georgia’s 82nd Governor; Criminal Justice Reformist ABOUT THE D.E.A.L. PROJECT The D.E.A.L. Project, Inc. is created to honor and continue the legacy of social justice, access to justice, and fair justice fashioned into law via the state legislature through the vision of Georgia’s 82nd Governor, John Nathan Deal, an attorney and former U.S. Congressman. It is a subsidiary of The King Association for Social Change, Inc. founded to address social ills of our communities. The vision of the D.E.A.L. Project is twofold. The most immediate goal is to develop self-help law libraries/centers in rural Georgia courthouses, staffed with effective and willing staff that loves the people and respect the law. Equally important, the Project looks to tackle legal illiteracy by educating the community, through social media, town hall meetings, pro bono legal aid, etc. MISSION Improving access to justice by making courts more user-friendly through free legal aid/advice, legal assistance, legal education, and self-help services. HISTORY Named in honor of Georgia’s 82nd Governor, Nathan Deal has led Georgia to become the No. 1 state in the nation for business and justice reform. The DEAL Project is founded in April 2019 to ensure the promise of justice reform by creating self-help centers, expungement clinics, and townhall meetings to educate the community on legal issues. PURPOSE One of the biggest challenges in the court system is the increasing number of self-represented litigants. As the number of self-represented litigants in civil cases continues to grow, courts are responding by improving access to justice and making courts more user-friendly. Innovations include: NEEDS ACCESSMENT Based on the Self-Help Toolkit| Georgia Legal Assistance: A Guide for Judges produced by the Judicial Council/Administrative Offices of the Courts Committee on Access to Justice in February 2019, the only rural self-help centers for pro-se defendants/plaintiffs are in Savannah, GA/Chatham County and in the Appalachian Judicial Circuit (north Georgia). DISCLAIMER This organization is not permitted to give legal advice or to interpret specific legal situations for uses of this service “It makes no sense to have Law Libraries in prisons and not have it for tax-paying citizens in the free world; as part of our local social services or resources.” Ambrose B King, Jr. Founder, The D.E.A.L. Project Inc WHO ARE WE Local community, religious, civic, legal, and educational leaders and laypersons who are committed to improve personal success and the social growth of Georgia citizens who seek equal access to legal aid and resources WHO WILL USE THIS SERVICE Will serve any one. But seeks to educate and serve low-income GA residents seeking assistance in civil matters (probate, magistrate courts issues) --- such as below $15,000 personal suits, eviction answers (tenant rights), divorce, child support or child custody issues, etc. PARTNERS WE SEEK Dougherty County Law Library The Judicial Council of Georgia Housing Authority State Law Schools & Students Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Found Dept. of Corrections/Community Local and State-wide Law firms Local College Librarians and Libraries Probation The Georgia State Bar/Pro Bono Council on Criminal Justice Reform FINANCIAL RESOURCES for PROJECT Fundraising Local County and City Budgets Donations/Online Donations Grants (State, Dept of Justice, etc.) HOW WILL WE HELP *Simplifying court forms * Providing one-on-one assistance *developing guides, handbooks, and instructions on how to proceed Pro-se *offering sponsored legal advice *developing court-based self-help centers *Collaborating with libraries and legal services *Using Internet technologies to increase access *Creating Fund to help defendants, charged with nonviolent offenses, make bail * hold townhall meetings to address new legislature laws and those laws that have ben dimisssed by the GA Legislature, Supreme court, etc. *Hold Expungement Clinics *Virtual Legal Counsel ABOUT THE SUMMIT This is a FREE Summit. Open to the Public for a legal, Educational Purpose ---- discussing the most important issues of our time – Criminal Justice Reform. New research shows that nearly one in two adults in America — approximately 113 million people — has an immediate family member who is currently or formerly incarcerated. This Summit will address injustice at every stage – from policing and pretrial detention to sentencing and incarceration to reentry; and also from decarceration through the limited use of prisons and jails and the creation of meaningful pathways to redemption and rehabilitation. Bringing fairness and dignity to our legal system is one of the most profound civil and human rights issues of this century. The Summit will create a forum for the entire community of Atlanta and Metro-Atlanta to educate the public about such a complex widespread issue alongside philanthropists, activists and politicians to reshape the current system. There are two, one hour and half long panels with a question and answer period from the audience. The First panel is made up of law professors, attorneys, judges, district attorneys, criminal justice reform activists and advocates, supreme court and court of appeals justices, and police chiefs. The Second Panel is a faith-based panel made up of ministers, pastors, social justice advocates, corporate individuals, civic leaders, volunteers, public officials, alumni and others who support the cause of Responsible Social justice. WHO WILL ATTEND: Summit Named in Honor of ABOUT REV. DR. TERRANCE BENJAMIN CALLOWAY …… was a seasoned church planter who advocates market place ministry. He has served as Senior Pastor at the New Life Cathedral Church in Brunswick Georgia and two locations of New Life Cathedral Church in Jacksonville Florida. The relaunch of the New Millennium Church scheduled for March 3, 2019 was to be in Hampton, Georgia. He died, suddenly, at the age of 46, February 2019 in Dekalb County, Georgia. He was a skillful craftsman in theological, linguistical, and hermeneutical studies. Dr. Calloway herald’s spiritual formation and post-modern evangelism for the 21st century. Transformational ministry in the marketplace and global expansion is the approach he believes will revolutionize Christendom. His didactic yet encouraging messages, permeates the possibility of change. His intellectual, hermeneutical scriptural approach stimulates the intellect of people on all levels of live which crosses denominational and social lines. He has been a special guest on the TBN show hosted by Pastor Scott Christy. He also appeared on the Impact network. Dr. Calloway received his Rite of Apostolic Succession June 2005 graduating from the Joint College of Bishops. He has attended, graduated and taken continuing education classes through Jacksonville University, Atlanta Intercontinental College, Dallas Theological Seminary, Logos University and Aidan University. He served as the Presider of the Fellowship of Covenant Churches which is to relaunch spring 2019. Dr. Calloway owned private schools for gifted and exceptional students. With previous campus’ in Jacksonville Florida, current campuses in Atlanta Georgia and Fitzgerald Georgia. Two campuses are set to launch in Macon Georgia and Brunswick Georgia for the 2020-2021 school year. Because of his great passion to help people and his great love of Atlanta Georgia, Dr. Calloway serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of The Atlanta Can Initiative. The priority of the initiative is to address the massive homeless population in the City of Atlanta. “If you can get a man’s mind to change, then his actions will change” Dr. Calloway THE KING ASSOCIATION FOR SOCIAL CHANGE A GEORGIA NONPROFIT CORPORATION Tax No. #59-3819897 P.O. BOX 184 TIFTON, GEORGIA 31793 EMAIL: THEKINGASSOCIATION@YAHOO.COM Greetings Sponsor, Mass incarceration, after all, is a thoroughly bipartisan project. Soon after he was elected governor, Nathan Deal made overhauling the state’s costly and famously tough criminal justice system a top priority. When Deal took office in 2011, Georgia led the nation in criminal supervision, with 1 in 13 people either locked up, on probation or on parole. The state was spending about $1.2 billion a year on its prison system. If nothing changed, two new adult prisons had to be built at a cost of $264 million. The two adult prisons have never been built due to Deal’s. With the $264 million never spent, we need to use our corporate dollars to invest in educating our communities through “accountability” initiatives that allow them to avoid jail time, stay sober, get treatment, get an education, and find/keep a job. Moreover, Georgia citizens will be given the opportunity to better get pro bono legal aid for civil issues, better understand the applicable laws in Georgia, and to gain a more user-friendly courthouse/courtroom through a law library and self-help centers. The Reform Summit and Dinner will be the premier fundraising and major social event focusing on raising public awareness on mass incarceration and illiteracy. Hosted by a diverse group of corporate sponsors, attorneys, judges, and local businesses, it will involve celebrities, dignitaries, civic leaders, volunteers, public officials, and former incarcerated individuals who support The D.E.A.L Project’s mission of investing in aggressive and methodical approaches to saved taxpayers a bundle in prison spending. Your financial support will be the end of Georgia’s addiction to incarceration and legal illiteracy in very meaningful ways to our community. Ambrose B. King, Jr. President/CEO, The King Association for Social Change, Inc. (229) 326-4396 PRESENTING SPONSOR: $10,000 ________________________________ • (2) Tables of 10 seats Justice Reform Dinner • Remarks at Summit and VIP Reception • Special recognition from podium during events • Prominent logo placement in event program • Advertisement/company biography in program • Reference in all media releases and publicity • Recognition, logo, and company web link • Promotional table set up at events PREMIER SPONSOR: $7,000 SUPPORTING SPONSOR: $5,000 • (2) Tables of 10 seats Justice Reform Dinner • (1) Table of 10 seats Justice Reform Dinner • Logo on event promotions including signage • Logo on event promotions including signage • Verbal recognition during events • Verbal recognition during events • Logo placement in event program • Logo placement in event program • Recognition, logo, and company web link • Recognition, logo, and company web link • Remarks at Summit and VIP Reception • Advertisement Bio in Commemorative Service Program FRIEND SPONSOR: $3,000 DONOR SPONSOR $1,500 • 5 tickets to Justice Reform Dinner •3 Tickets to Justice Reform Dinner • Logo on event promotions including signage • Logo on event promotions including signage • Verbal recognition during event • Verbal recognition during event • Logo “projected” during event • Logo “projected” during event • Logo placement in event program • Logo placement in event program • Recognition, logo, and company web link • Recognition, logo, and company web link Make Checks Payable and send to * The King Association Tax ID #59-3819897 * Mail To: P.O. Box 184 Tifton ,GA 31793 PRIVATE RECEPTION Celebrating Visionary Leadership For GOVERNOR NATHAN DEAL Fulton County Government Center Atrium 141 Pryor St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303 * 12pm-2pm “I saw the human stories associated with successfully giving people a second chance. I don’t think there are many people who would have a hard heart when confronted with those circumstances. To see people take advantage of a second chance, not only to redeem their lives, but to redeem and reclaim their children in many cases, and to be able to be taxpayers instead” Governor Nathan Deal (Atlanta Tribune Article, January 2019) “Financially solid individuals and large businesses can afford lawyers, but many mom and pop grocery stores, family farms and working class families struggle mightily to pay for legal services. This leads to too many Georgians having to represent themselves in court……….. The man in the nursing home who wants to leave what little he owns to his only child, should be able to find affordable legal help to write a simple will that complies with the law.” Chief Justice Harris Hines (2017, State of the Judiciary) Criminal Justice Reform Summit and Gala SPONSORHIP PAYMENT FORM THE D.E.A.L. PROJECT SUMMIT Manager Mrs. Charmel F. Cushion, B.S. M (678) 517-7298 E PAYMENT BY CHECK Make Checks Payable and send to The King Association Tax ID #59-3819897 Mail To: P.O. Box 11420 Atlanta, GA 30310 INVOICE REQUESTED Make Checks Payable and send to The King Association Tax ID #59-3819897 Mail To: P.O. Box 11420 Atlanta, GA 30310  PAYMENT BY CASH APP Make payable to $king0496  PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD VISA MASTERCARD DISCOVER AMERICAN EXPRESS _____________________________________________________________________________________________ CARD NUMBER Exp Date #CVC ______________________________________________________________________________________________ NAME ON CARD SIGNATURE DUE DATES LOGO 6/28/19 PAYMENT 7/28/19 GUEST LIST NAMES 8/28/19 All logos must be in CMYK EPS vector format. Email ads as press-quality PDFs to SPONSORHIP AGREEMENT FORM THE D.E.A.L. PROJECT SUMMIT Manager Mrs. Charmel F. Cushion, B.S. M (678) 517-7298 E Contact Name: ___________________________________________ Title: ____________________________ Organization/Company: _____________________________________________________________________ Billing Address: ___________________________________________________________________________ City: ________________________________________ State: ____________ Zip Code: __________________ Telephone Number: _____________________________ Cellular Number: _____________________________ Email Address: ____________________________________________ Fax Number: _____________________ Website Address: ___________________________________________________________ SPONSOR INFORMATION I agree to be a sponsor of the Criminal Justice Reform Summit and/or Gala at the following level:  Presenting $10,000  Premier $ 7,000  Supporting $ 5,000  Friend $ 3,000  Donor $1,500  Dinner Table $3,000.00 In honor of _________________, please accept my additional donation in the amount of $_________.  I am unable to attend, but please accept my donation of $_________ Make Checks Payable and send to The King Association Tax ID #59-3819897 Mail To: P.O. Box 11420 Atlanta, GA 30310